Sit Down!

Sit Down!
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Aktuell suchen wir speziell:

We are looking for games that ideally:

Don’t have any in-game text (even card names)

Are focused on a creative and innovative mechanic or playing feel

Are played within an hour

Take 2 to 5 players (or more, extra solo version is welcome)

Involve a reasonable production cost

Have straightforward rules (as few exceptions as possible)

Wir suchen definitiv nicht nach:

We are not interested in:

Heavy games aimed at hardcore gamers

Dark themes (unless we can change it)

Games that need a lot of components

Games with lengthy rules

Games with tons of exceptions in the rules

Role playing games

Games for children

Bitte schicken Sie uns Ihren Spielvorschlag auf folgende Weise bzw. beachten Sie die Hinweise auf unserer Website unter dem angegebenen Link:

Send us a message via the contact page on our website.
Select "Submit a game prototype you designed that would meet our requirements" in the dropdown menu and follow the instructions.

Spezielle Events, Messen, Video-Meetings für persönliche Präsentationen nach vorheriger Terminvereinbarung:

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