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Aktuell suchen wir speziell:

... the most original games of the coming years. Unusual. Unconventional. Unbelievable.

... Children's games that engage kids visually, physically and playfully.

... Family games that are catchy and fascinating.

... Building and skill games that don't repeat anything that already exists.

... Dice and card games for gambling and having fun - with a little extra challenge.



Wir suchen definitiv nicht nach:

... party, communication and word games.

 ... mechanisms that are always there.

 ... three-hour expert games.



Bitte schicken Sie uns Ihren Spielvorschlag auf folgende Weise bzw. beachten Sie die Hinweise auf unserer Website unter dem angegebenen Link:

Via e-mail to w.scholz@simbatoys.de: a short description of the game - preferably with rules. A short, simple explanatory video can also be attached.  

If you are interested, we will ask for a playable prototype.



Please do not send unsolicited prototypes!



Spezielle Events, Messen, Video-Meetings für persönliche Präsentationen nach vorheriger Terminvereinbarung:

Our editorial team will be happy to meet you in:

- Nuremberg for the Spielwarenmesse (appointment required in advance - e-mail: see above)

- Göttingen for the Game Designer Meeting (no appointment necessary)

- Essen for the SPIEL (appointment necessary in advance - e-mail: see above)

- Haar near Munich for the game designer meeting



E-Mail-Adresse/n für die Einsendung bzw. Terminvereinbarung, ggf. nach unterschiedlichen Redaktionen spezifiziert:

Editors Zoch Verlag/Walter Scholz: w.scholz@simbatoys.de