Remo Conzadori

Via Canossa, 5
25018 Montichiari (BS)

Schwerpunkte meiner Autorentätigkeit

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Mein Motto beim Spieleentwickeln

My style comes from the common principles of creativity tools. I produce many ideas mixing mechanics and I rework them until I find few but interesting dynamics. Every year I work on dozens of prototypes, I dismantle and I reassemble each one until I get a project which trigger interesting emotional responses. Don't you know what I'm talking about? Look here.

I have been focusing on mechanics for a long time but now, starting from the lore, I am working on the experience and immersion of the players.

My slogan? Break the rules!

Werke bei Spieleverlagen

... (Devir) 2023 ... (dlp games) 2022 ... (GateOnGames) 2022 ... (GateOnGames) 2022 Fairy Tale Inn (CMON) 2021 Humboldt's Great Voyage (HUCH! & friends) 2019 Amul ( 2019 Ziemlich Zügig (Haba) 2018 Manitoba (dlp games) 2018 Ali Baba (White Goblin Games) 2017 Expo 1906 (Gotha Games) 2015 Game of Crowns (Alderac Entertainment Group) 2015

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