Our Goals

The SAZ represents as an Interest Group the rights of game designers. It promotes new game designers and advocates the strengthening of the cultural property of games in society. (§ 2.1 of the bylaws)

Game designers are the authors of their works ... in fact a self-evident statement. But unfortunately this has been called into doubt time and again. The SAZ will therefore continue to advocate on a political level for a clear and general recognition of game designers as authors - see also: SAZ Points No. 5 "Games and Copyright Protection". Together with other cultural organizations, such as the German Initiative Urheberrecht, the SAZ is committed to further strengthening copyright law. Game Designers are Authors!

The SAZ advocates fair conditions in the utilization of intellectual property rights regarding games. It provides advice to members in contract matters – also with help from its legal adviser – and, if required, negotiates with publishers at home and abroad in order to achieve solutions in the game designers' interests.

The SAZ makes the creative faces behind the games better known. Almost every game has its author (designer). The public does not yet always perceive this in the desired manner. Therefore, the SAZ perseveres in getting publishers to clearly name the designers on the box covers, for example, and welcomes additional forms of presentation and acknowledgment in all publications related to the respective game. See also Historical Retrospect on naming game designers.

The SAZ advocates the strengthening of the analog culture of games. That means, for example, equal treatment of games on the cultural scene, better acknowledgment of the importance of game playing for developing social and cultural competences, and equivalence to books, movies, theatre, and other cultural properties with regard to sales tax. The SAZ also uses its membership in the German Cultural Council.

The SAZ advocates that analog games become part of the collection catalog of the German National Library (DNB). This demand is also supported by the game publishers and the German Cultural Council. This is the only way to ensure that game designers and publishers benefit fully from the distribution of library royalties by VG WORT. This would also be a clear signal for public recognition of games as a cultural asset. More information can be found here.

The SAZ promotes the exchange of experience, organizes events and offers platforms. The networking of members - both nationally and internationally - helps individual development and the enforcement of legitimate interests. Regional meetings and digital formats serve this purpose. In addition, workshops like SAZ Academy and similar events are organized and promoted. Game designers conventions like in Göttingen also offer a good platform for bringing games designers and publishers into contact.

The SAZ is sponsoring upcoming game authors – e.g. with the German Young Game Designer Scholarship. Although game designers may be competitors, fostering creative new talents is important to us. New members receive further education vouchers for selected events and workshops.