Being a Member is Worthwhile!

It is worthwhile for all game designers and prospective designers to become members of SAZ. In addition, we are happy to invite anybody who wants to support the goals of SAZ and to strengthen the association to become a supporting member or to support our work with donations.

No one should wait until he or she has published the first game with a game publisher. For the steps towards and for the first contract, there is much to consider. The experience of SAZ and professional colleagues can prevent harm and loss of money.

The list of benefits for members is long. It's worth taking a peek.


Join now!

Anyone who supports the objectives of the SAZ can become a member. However, a full membership with voting rights is only available for game designers, i.e. you must have at least one game published or can furnish prototypes. If you are not (yet) a designer, you can become a sponsoring member or support our work with donations.

Bylaws (PDF)

Data Protection Guideline (PDF) following the current regulations of the European Union.

Application form (PDF form) Simply complete on PC, print, sign and send by post or fax - or scan and send by e-mail.

  • The standard membership fee is € 100.00 per fiscal year (1 April to 31 March).
  • The reduced membership fee of € 60.00 applies upon request for new members without previous publication once in the first year of membership as well as permanently for members with low total income – for example for people with low income, for students, for pensioners, for family members or for underage persons. The classification is voluntary; proof is not required.
  • Entry from October/January: The membership fee for new members, who join in the second half of the year, i.e. on or after October 1st, is € 50.00 or reduced € 30.00. Anyone joining in the months January to March pays the membership fee for the following year, thus has a free membership in the months January to March.
  • For the supporting members the minimum fee is € 60.00.

Duration and termination: Membership is indefinite and automatically extends by one year if it is not terminated by March 15th of the current fiscal year at the latest.