January: IDEAG in Parma / Italy

Founded by Walter Obert in Piossasco near Torino, the „Incontro italiano di autori di giochi da tavolo" takes now place near Parma – usually every year mid of January. A very nice convention where Italian game authors play together and help eachother in a very cooperative atmoshere. Publishers are there too, of course. Local IDEAG events are held throughout the year all over Italy.

Next event appoximately: Summer, 2022 | More information

February: International Game Designers Fair in Nuremberg / Germany

Founded 1998 by Tom Werneck, this convention takes now place at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg and creates a good market place between game authors and game publishers.

Next planned event was February 04, 2022 - due to Corone the event is canceled.| More information and registration

June: Game Designers Convention in Göttingen / Germany

Founded 1982 by Karin & Reinhold Wittig (Edition Perlhuhn) — this event the oldest and largest gathering of game authors and game publishers in Germany. The Game Designers Association (SAZ) is - beside the City of Göttingen - co-organizer of this convention.

Next event: 11. and 12. June 2022 | More information and registration end of March 2022 on this website