Preface to the Code

Initiated by SAZ, an international group of game designers with members of Spiele-Autoren-Zunft (SAZ), members of Société des Auteurs de Jeux (SAJ) as well as of not organized game designers, have created the below Code of Respect and Responsibility during the first half of 2021.

From many critical discussions in the past, we feel the need, to take more responsibility for our games. This Code is a declaration of intent to the best of our knowledge and belief, intended to lead to more reflective action. There are issues of respectful and careful handling of themes and content in analogue games. In our opinion, the game industry also lacks diversity. Many people don‘t see themselves represented in games or at game events. Representation can lead to participation, and the game industry as a whole would greatly benefit from that. More about this topic ...

For the implementation of these goals, for example, the Creator's Guide by Meeples for Change can help. In the future, this currently only English guide will also be available in other languages and its content will be expanded.

Code of Respect and Responsibility

We game designers advocate respect towards others. We acknowledge and value a diverse society in its many forms, such as gender, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities, religious or cultural background.

We take responsibility for our games, actions and speech. Consequently, we are committed to the following principles:

  • We strive for a diverse, fair and respectful representation of society, culture, and historical context in our games, including the game cover and the rules.
  • We thoroughly research the cultural, social, historical, and scientific contexts represented in our games.
  • We consider the impact this representation can have on the people represented and the players.
  • We design our games so that they are as accessible as possible for all people.
  • We recognize the cultural expression of humor, irony, satire, and caricature, but are aware their use can be hurtful.
  • We acknowledge that we can make mistakes, but that we will try to correct these errors when and where possible.
  • When we notice problematic aspects in other designers' work, we respectfully point them out and offer our help to find possible solutions and alternatives. 

We ask publishers and illustrators to adopt the same standards. And we encourage EVERYONE in the game industry – no matter whether game designer, publisher, illustrator, editor, blogger, or journalist – to support this code as a personal standard of conduct.

Download English PDF file  | French  | Spanish  | Portuguese  | further languages will follow

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We have already signed this Code::

Elisa Savio, Claudia Stroemer, Geoff Engelstein, Simon Havard, Melli I., Eric Price, Manfred Kossahl, Andrea Angiolino, Benjamin Ferrié, Lory Dori, Alessandro Ciceri, Jean-Marc JMT, Johan Delory, David Marchal Soto, Yoann Brogol, Xavier Lardy, Daniel Bahr, Harvey Johnston, Yves Charamel-Lenain, Steffanie Yeakle, Roux Bertrand, anthony nouveau, Flavien Dauphin, Eva Frese, Davi Gau, Nicolas GOBLAS, Eloi Pujadas, Gustavo Ramos, Tom Werneck, ABDERRAHMANE ALAOUI, Nick Hayes, Jessica Eccles, Tanja Malinowski, Messaud Jules, Thomas Schneider-Axmann, Silvano Sorrentino, Arjan van Houwelingen, Erwan Morin, Peter Ratschiller, Norbert Proena, Sophia Wagner, Bassey Onwuanaku, Dominik Jana, Guillaume ROSSMANN, Lluis Wenceslau Aparicio Paytubi, Nils Carstensen, Merce Eve, David Vilches Rodríguez, OSCAR ROMERO RAMÍREZ, Ferran Renalias Zueras, Michele Bortolotti, Anita Landgraf, Roger Brunet Espinosa, Maria Castellví Barnés, Torsten Stelling, Keith Richmond, ADRIAN LUZARRETA, Dirk Huesmann, Klaus Miltenberger, Lisa Prohaska, klaus-jürgen wrede, Luis Dinis, Quentin Deberdt, Saiget Christophe, Pasquale Facchini, Emanuele Briano, Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho, Pascal Richer, Oluwafemi Olusanya, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, Pablo Céspedes, Carlos Soto Power, Udo Schmitz, Rob Bergstrom, Jeffrey Allers, David Speakman, Kirsten Hiese, Moritz Schuster, Diego albuja, Jan Plümecke, Andreas Kuhnekath-Häbler, Jason Harris, Jerome Rank, Matthew Dunstan, Craig Stern, Aurélien Picolet, Andreas Dobrindt-Ostner, Matthias Nagy, Nicholas Hjelmberg, Dario Massarenti, Yves-laurent Kowalski, Patrick Goepfert, Juliana Santos Pinheiro Juliana Santos Pinheiro, Rustan Håkansson, Derek Funkhouser, Jason McCracken, Brett Schofield, Guy charrassier, Raymond Susilo, Davide Franceschi, Andreas Steding, Marcel Köhler, Martino Chiacchiera, Tyler Omichinski, Matthew Paquette, Christophe Raimbault, Aure-Marie LHOMME, Markus Haberbosch, Luca Borsa, Oliver Newton, Fillype Marques, Larry Bogucki, Francesco Bifulco, Christophe RAYNAL, Francesco Binetti, Dylan Kirk, Simone Prex, Samy Hazard, Ta-Te Wu, Mike Nudd, Luigi De feo, Francesco Rugerfred Sedda, Alex Flagg, Roberto Di Meglio, Arif Nezih SAVI, Walter Hanel, Riccardo IELO, Christian Giove, Andrea Sbragia, Aldo Pappacoda, Chris Lawrence, Lynn Landre, Thomas Fern, Mandela Fernández-Grandon, Gabriele Berzoni, Mónica G Carrasco, Peter Seiler, Josh Derksen, Yuri Morroni, Steven Vesci, Roger Meloche, Gary Burns, Sarah Shipp, Gil Hova, Miguel Suárez Olivares, Sen-Foong Lim, Brennan Smith, Ryan Thomas, Denny B. Mochran, Trey Chambers, Kiva Fecteau, David Short, Evan Halbert, Ryan Mauk, David Moskowitz, Kariel Lockwell, Kate Finch, Ian Stedman, Jonathan Gilmour, Ian Moss, Tomás Queiroz, Michael Beck, Leonardo Ramos, Fabio Ribeiro, Antoine Noblet, Gerhard Junker, Igor Knop, Bernhard Lach, Gerhard Hecht, Andreas Faul, Máren Kruse, Arnaldo V Carvalho, Manuel Sanchez, João Toledo, Wira Dillon, Camila Parra, Eduardo Andrade, Bruno Liguori Sia, Vincent Frammery, Edgar Solano, Laura Mena, Ronald Halliday, Rogério Lourenço, Manuel Warner, Arthur Casulli de Oliveira, Danilo Valente, Thorsten Aust, Rafael Ribeiro, Simón Weinstein, Moisés Pacheco de Souza, Robert Coelho, Matt Fantastic, Till F. Teenck, Fernando Cunha, Cameron Art, Holger Siefke, Victor Cisternas, Sophie Planchais, Vicky Belladino, Christopher Chung, Daniel Theuerkaufer, Martina Dobrindt, Martin Schlegel, Clark Rodeffer, Ellen Schulze, Thierry Saeys, Wolfgang Lehmann, Channing Jones, Antoni Guillen, Bettina Katzenberger, Alexander Resch, Martina Fuchs, David Betzing, SIS Sächsisches Institut für Spiel, Andreas Odendahl, Nicolas MATHIEU, Stefan Gohlisch, Alan Paull, Lionel Borg, Rita Modl, Betty Baindl, Janet Kneisel, Ivan Hamarić, Michael Modler, Werner Falkhof, Torsten Marold, Aaron Haag, Fabio Lopiano, Raphael Klein, Julian Steindorfer, Athanasios Gakis, Richi Haarhoff

Initial signatories: Katrin Abfalter, Julian Allain, Hadi Barkat, Christian Beiersdorf, Daniel Bernsen, Antonin Boccara, Andrea Boennen, Régis Bonnessée, Nicolas Bourgouin, Johan Buenvenuto, Pierre Buty, Peggy Chassenet, Charles Chevallier, Marta Ciaccasassi, Christophe Coat, Leo Colovini, Nicolas de Oliveira, Jeroen Doumen, Alexandre Droit, Hilko Drude, Sébastien Dujardin, Vincent Dutrait, Alexandre Emerit, Laurent Escoffier, Bruno Faidutti, Michael Feldkötter, Alain Fondrille, David Franck, Friedemann Friese, Arve D. Fühler, Romaric Galonnier, Julien Griffon, Markus Hagenauer, Dirk Hanneforth, Fred Horn, Kévin Jost, Henri Kermarrec, Stefan Kloß, Hartmut Kommerell, Wolfgang Kramer, Loïc Lamy, Carlo E. Lanzavecchia, Agnès Largeaud, Matt Leacock, Tom Lehmann, Yoann Levet, Fabien Mas, Doris Matthäus, Andrea Mezzotero, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Walter Obert, Rory O'Connor, Anna Oppolzer, Julien Prothière, Christophe Raimbault, Uwe Rapp, Talita Rhein, Théo Rivière, Juan Rodrìguez, Carlo A. Rossi, Manuel Rozoy, Nicolas Sato, Natalie Saunier, Rémi Saunier, Jens-Peter Schliemann, Paul Schulz, Florian Sirieix, Vi Tacq, Klaus Teuber, Marco Teubner, Joachim Thôme, Jesús Torres Castro, Florent Toscano, Benoit Turpin, Fréderic Vuagnat, Tom Vuarchex, Anja Wrede, Sara Zarian