Benefits for Members

  • The series of publications called SAZ Points (title overview as PDF) provides the basic knowledge for game designers; it is available for download to all members.
  • When problems arise with respect to contracts and intellectual property rights, the SAZ has been able to give relevant advice, based on many years of experience. The legal adviser of the SAZ in Berlin, who is a lawyer specializing in matters of intellectual property rights, media and contract law, are available as needed for a free first consultation – organized by the SAZ office.
  • The internal Forum and the SAZ Newsletter inform members about all currently relevant topics regularly and provide a discussion platform for all members. In addition, all members have access to the SAZ Member Area of the site, to share experience and coordinate the association's activities.
  • The authors' profiles on the website help to make game designers better known. This way, for instance, journalists, publishers and designer colleagues can make contacts quickly and directly.
  • SAZ members benefit from ticket discounts: For instance, they get free entrance to the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, and a permanent ticket at reduced price for the consumer fair SPIEL in Essen – application in time required.
  • The online shop grants 10% discount for SAZ members – application through the SAZ office required.
  • A 3rd party insurance for property and business liability - exclusively for members in Germany and Austria yet - covers a whole range of risks for those who are more intensively and professionally involved in the development of games. Unfortunately, it is  currently retricted by the insurance company to residents in Germany and Austria.
  • Every new member receives an advanced training voucher worth 40.00 €, which can be redeemed at a contractual partner of the SAZ. With this, we strive to foster the qualification of prospective game designers or, generally speaking, of new members. At present, we can offer these vouchers for German events only, but we gladly accept applications from event organizers in other countries.
  • The following restrictions apply to sustaining members: No voting rights at general assemblies, no advice on copyright and contract problems, no author profile on the SAZ website.