Benefits for members

Anyone who becomes a member of SAZ strengthens the representation of interests of game authors and consequently the own position. The advantages are obvious: a strong SAZ has more weight in negotiations with publishers about fair contracts as well as in political initiatives, e.g. on intellectual property and the cultural asset of games. Our performance record and successes are impressive. Creatives are often individualists, but everyone benefits from a strong community – both experienced game authors and newcomers.

  • Members benefit from the exchange of experiences among each other and can participate from a wealth of well-founded knowledge. . A special APP is available to all members for quick exchange.
  • Support with contract and copyright issues: Here, the SAZ can provide important assistance based on many years of experience and a contract database of more than 100 annotated contracts. In this way, many contracts have already been significantly optimized to the benefit of authors and problems have been solved. A Model License Agreement, which is also available to publishers, serves as a guide. If required – after mediation by the office, the SAZ's legal advisor, a lawyer in Berlin who specializes in copyright and media law as well as intellectual property law, is available free of charge for an initial consultation. In exemplary legal cases, the legal protection reserve of the SAZ can offer financial support.
  • The series of publications called SAZ Points provides the basic knowledge for game designers; it is available for download to all members – see title overview. A newsletter also provides regular information on current topics.
  • Guidelines and information leaflets on various German and international tax topics, on German social insurance, on contract advice and on library royalties by the German collecting society VG WORT are also available to all members for download exclusively at the SAZ MEMBER AREA.
  • In the SAZ Academy, we offer online seminars via Zoom on a wide range of topics for our members; the series of Topic Talks complements the offer.
  • At SAZ training events, members receive exclusive or at least preferential access.  Every new member receives a voucher worth 40.00 €, which can be redeemed at the SAZ’s own events or at those from a contractual partner of SAZ. With this, we promote the qualification of game authors. At present, we can offer these vouchers for German events only, but we gladly accept applications from event organizers in other countries.
  • SAZ members benefit from ticket discounts: For instance, they get free entrance to the Toy Fair in Nuremberg (otherwise for registered trade visitors only), reduced tickets for the consumer fair SPIEL in Essen and reduced fees for the IDEAG conventions in Italy and from 2020 for the Game Designers Convention in Göttingen (Germany).
  • The SAZ website is our business card to the public and provides regular information on current topics and dates.  Members can create an author profile in the internal area, where they will also find all the documents that we make available exclusively to members.
  • The author profiles on the website help to make SAZ members better known as game authors and their expertise. Publishers, companies in other sectors, agencies, media, and even colleagues can contact you quickly and directly.
  • 10% discount in the online shop receive SAZ members – application through the SAZ office required.
  • An exclusive 3rd party insurance for property and business liability covers a whole range of risks for those who are more intensively and professionally involved in the development of games. Unfortunately, it is currently restricted by the insurance company to residents in Germany and Austria.
  • SAZ members can have influence on how the SAZ represents the interests of the game authors, on which topics SAZ is active and who represents the organization. General Assemblies serve the purpose of democratic decision-making, in which all can participate. In addition, there are many opportunities to participate directly in regional groups and individual projects. We also support the formation of national SAZ groups or independent interest groups of game authors in other countries and cooperate with them.

Supporting members also benefit from many of these advantages, but have no voting rights at general meetings, no advice on copyright and contract problems and no author profile on the SAZ website.

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