Self-image of Game Authors / Game Designers

Game authors are imaginative composers, combining innovative and known game elements into a new whole. The instructions resulting from this define the players' possibilities of action. So, the original idea becomes a work that is also relevant in terms of intellectual property rights – a game. The game composition can be abstract or embedded into a themed setting. It aims at generating emotions, good entertainment and excitement, and challenging the human mind and individual skills. What really counts is, so to speak, the ‘narrator’s voice’ and the art of taking someone to other worlds, respectively as an individual style; this provides for excitement and makes the appreciative game enthusiast come closer together.

Game designers are therefore obvious authors. Irrespective of this, some people call themselves game inventors, because innovative elements of the game material form a successful symbiosis with the rules. "Game Authors" or "Game Designers"? In the USA and on BoardGameGeek the term "Game Designer" is usually used. We consider the term "Game Author" to be more appropriate because it better expresses the intellectual property and authorship of the game rules.

Game authors are cultural workers - for all game enthusiasts and which still can be, for all younger and older playing people. Because playing is part auf the individual live and the social culture. Culture needs people who cultivate their accomplishments, take on responsibility with their name. Who are accessible. Or also visible. Culture – sustained in its future development by creative minds, the game authors!