Games as a Cultural Property

Good games are an inspiration, the salt and pepper in our lives. They take us to other worlds, captivate with excitement, fascination and emotions, invigorate our communication, create shared experiences and always provide something new. As a frequently used educational medium, games have a significant social relevance and also on this aspect many similarities with other cultural media works.

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Designers, Publishers and Culture Council:
Include games in the collection catalog of the German National Library!

Game authors and game publishers are working together to ensure that analog games are included in the collection catalog of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library), DNB. The Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V. (SAZ), with more than 400 members, and the 20 publishers organized in Spieleverlage e.V. submitted the requirement to the German Bundestag and the Federal Government to create the necessary legal foundation.

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Code of Respect and Responsibility

We game designers feel the need to take more responsibility for our games. There are issues of a divers society and respectful handling of themes and content in analogue games. This Code is intended to provide guidance in this regard.

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VAT taxation of games equal to that of other cultural goods!

Games are a cultural asset worthy of protection and have a high social significance. Easier access to this cultural asset is therefore absolutely worthy of support. We therefore call for games to be treated the same as books and other cultural assets for VAT purposes.  To this end, we suggest that the EU Parliament create the appropriate framework conditions so that the German Bundestag and the other national parliaments in Europe can introduce the reduced VAT rate for all cultural assets and artistic performances.

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How can I protect my game?

This question and the fear of idea theft are often in the foreground - especially for upcoming game authors. In general, it can be said that in our industry copyright infringements and so-called "idea theft" - at least in Europe - are very rare. Mostly it hits already published, popular games.

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Game Designers are Authors!

... Actually a self-evident statement. But unfortunately this has often been doubted. Be it is the case that courts inadequately familiar with this matter equate game rules with user manuals. Or be it that in 2012 it was questionable to the managing director of the German association of games publishers (then "Fachgruppe Spiel e.V.", since 2014 "Spielverlage e.V.") that game designers can be originators in the sense of the German Law of Intellectual Properties (UrhG) and classified them as "suppliers".

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