Play Plus

Play Plus
24 Tan Hang, Ward 10, District 5
700000 Ho Chi Minh city

Our target groups:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Friends

Currently we are looking specifically for:

Currently, we are looking for games that meet the following criteria:


1/High player interaction

2/Allow production in Vietnam

3/Easy to learn

4/Playtime under 45 minutes

5/Playable with more than 6 players would be great

6/Having an Asian theme is an advantage

We are definitely not looking for:

Long playtime

Solo games

RPG games

Complex rules

Components leading to high retail prices

Please send us your game suggestion in the following way or follow the instructions on our website under the link provided:

Best way would be by email:


E-mail address(es) for sending in or making an appointment, possibly specified according to different editorial offices: