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Brain Games Publishing
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Our target groups:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Friends

Currently we are looking specifically for:

Currently we are looking for the following type of games & ideas:



Games that young adults (aged from 21 to 35) would look at after trying other "gateway" games;



Games for grown-ups to play with friends / relatives / kids;

Time frame - up to 60-70 minutes;

Complexity that would be acceptable for kids 10+ years old;



Games meant for kids aged 4+;

Preferably can be played together with parents, but doesn't require them to be present.



Those that require or benefit from being able to see & hear other players (eg. Charades, Werewolf, Spyfall, etc.);

We are looking for ideas, that can be easily played over distance (eg. via video conferencing).



Games that can fit in small, flat card game box (eg. Saboteur, The Mind, etc.);

Up to 110 cards.




Games that use less plastic components, but if those are necessary, that is ok as well;

Language independent games or with minimal usage of text. However, this is a preference and we will still consider text-heavy games.

We are definitely not looking for:

Toddler & baby games.

Sports themed games.

Collectable card games;

Brutal, gory & mature themed games;

Please send us your game suggestion in the following way or follow the instructions on our website under the link provided:

The initial presentation of the game concept submitted should contain at least one of the following things:

Video demonstration of the game / game idea; Pictures of the game / game idea; Short description of the game / game idea (up to 2 pages of text + pictures); List of things what makes your game / game idea - unique, interesting & for whom is the game meant; Game / game idea rules;

The priority of the things to attach with a game / game ideas submission goes from top to bottom in priority (video being the best & only attaching game rules being the worst). This way we will be able to get back to you with our feedback quickly.


Don't forget to mention the general information about your game / game idea (# of players, play time, preferable age).


Further along the consideration process, if your idea passes the initial presentation phase, we will need more information from you including the game prototype &/or Print & Play version of it.

Special events, trade fairs, video meetings for personal presentations by prior appointment:

We regularly attend the following expos in Europe:

B2B expo in Nuremberg, Germany - Toy Fair; B2C exop in Essen, Germnay - SPIEL;

We are open to having video presentation & meeting as well with prior request sent via e-mail.

E-mail address(es) for sending in or making an appointment, possibly specified according to different editorial offices:

Arturs Perepjolkins (Inventor Relations Manager) -