Ares Games srl

Ares Games srl
Via dei Metalmeccanici 16
55041 Capezzano Pianore (LU)

Our target groups:

  • Families
  • Friends
  • Frequent players

Currently we are looking specifically for:

Ares Games is mostly known for strong, thematic games, suitable for experienced gamers but also amenable to a wider audience. Immersive themes and elegant mechanics with emerging narrative are preferred to dry and abstract, or overly complex designs.

At the same time, we are always looking to expand our offerings beyond the scope of the world of "expert gamers", and we are interested to review family-oriented / social games, as long as their design has a fresh and innovative twist.

We are definitely not looking for:

Children's games, sport-themed games.

Please send us your game suggestion in the following way or follow the instructions on our website under the link provided:

A preliminary contact with a brief description of your proposal can be sent through our website form.

If the game you propose looks a good match to our range, you will be recontacted for additional information, such as a detailed pitch and/or the game rules. 

No unsolicited prototype should ever be sent without previous request.

Special events, trade fairs, video meetings for personal presentations by prior appointment:

Our editorial staff normally can meet designers at UKGE, Essen, GenCon.

E-mail address(es) for sending in or making an appointment, possibly specified according to different editorial offices:

Meeting requests should be sent through our general e.mail address: