Mandoo Games

Mandoo Games
Beolmalro123, Dongan-gu
14056 Anyang-si

Our target groups:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Frequent players

Currently we are looking specifically for:

- Unique or innovative game

- Family game with eye-catching components, intuitive rules & under 30mins. playing time.

- Advanced (or Family plus) strategy game with strong themes.

We are definitely not looking for:


- War Games

- Trivia / Quiz games

- Puzzle

- Heavy strategy game with +90mins playing time

Please send us your game suggestion in the following way or follow the instructions on our website under the link provided:

Please send us your game idea to <> or <>

The concept of the game, brief rules and images/video are necessary.


E-mail address(es) for sending in or making an appointment, possibly specified according to different editorial offices: