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dV Giochi
Via S. Penna, 24
06132 Perugia

Our target groups:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Friends

Please send us your game suggestion in the following way or follow the instructions on our website under the link provided:

If you have created a new game and would like to submit it to our attention for publication, please read carefully what follows. We are sorry if, due to the large amount of existing work, we will not reply to requests that do not match the following guidelines.

What kind of games?
dV GIOCHI is interested only in games with simple rules (1-4 pages), reasonable time length (15-45 minutes) for 3 or more players.

What to submit?
All we need are the rules of the game. The rules must include: number of players, average game length, suggested age, components list, goal of the game, the actual rules and a way to contact you, written in English or Italian. Then, only upon request, the prototype and illustrations or pictures. Never send unsolicited large files as they might be trashed automatically.

The rules
Write down a simple manual, using pictures whenever necessary. Pass it on to a friend of yours for proofreading.

Your game must have been tested in all the situations explained in the rules: minor faults can escape, but bigger ones must have been eliminated if you want the Editor to go on. The rules and the game must also undergo a "blind"-playtest: are you sure that other people could understand and enjoy the game even without your explanations? Give the rules and the game to some friends of yours and just sit and watch them as they read and play your game: you would probably get unexpected ideas too.

Protecting, copyrighting, patenting, etc.
There is not a defined law to protect your ideas from being copied, at least in Italy: however, the small size of the market and the relevant small economic implications are already a guarantee. Besides the Publishers’ earnestness, obviously.

The prototype
It is required only if the game went successfully through a series of preliminary tests. Its main characteristic must be the playability, not its beauty. It is better to have some easy-to-print PDFs with horrible drawings than a wonderful 3D handmade thing impossible to reproduce.

dV GIOCHI's reply.
We guarantee a reply to all the mail we receive, although response times may vary (longer than 2 months; it depends on the proposal, on the amount of concurrent submissions, etc.). Please, do not urge us to answer: our reply is guaranteed to arrive in the quickest way possible. We are sorry if, due to the large amount of existing work, we will not reply to requests that do not match the exposed guidelines.


E-mail address(es) for sending in or making an appointment, possibly specified according to different editorial offices: