Hilko Drude

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Family games
  • Abstract strategy games

My motto in game development

Einfach mal ausprobieren.

Games at game publishers

Pari (Edition Perlhuhn, Pyra-Tern)

Omba/Docker (Edition Perlhuhn, Giseh, 1-2-3 Games Editions/Jactalea/Blue Orange)

Schiebung (Edition Perlhuhn)

Tricky Bid (Winning Moves)

Topfrosch (Edition Perlhuhn)

Mission Impractical (Vennerød Forlag AS)

Débrouille-toi! (Le droit de perdre)

Games for other clients (e.g. promotion games)

Blick hinter die Kulissen (Entwicklungspolitisches Landesnetzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz)

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