Jeffrey Allers

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Children's games
  • Family games
  • Advanced player games
  • Abstract strategy games

My motto in game development

Games are an architecture of interaction.

Games at game publishers

Pioneer Rails, with Matthew Dunstan, Dranda Games, UK 2023

Loot Dispute, Gold Seal Games, USA 2023

Twisty Tracks, Rio Grande Games, USA 2023

Donut Shop, 25th Century Games, USA 2023

Pala, Suki Games, Japan 2022

Pandoria: Trolls & Trails, with Bernd Eisenstein, Irongames, Germany 2021

Mozzaroller, Piatnik, Austria 2021

Hashi, Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag, Germany 2021

Pizzeria, Nasza Księgarnia, Poland; Mondoo Games, South Korea, 2020

Gloomy Graves, Renegade Game Studio, USA 2020

Pandoria Merchants Roll & Write, with Bernd Eisenstein, Irongames, Germany 2020

Caty MiniNasza Księgarnia, Poland; Mondoo Games, South Korea; MJ Games, Canada; HANALL M&C, Hong Kong, KAISSA CHESS & Games, Greece, 2019

Pandoria: Artifacts, with Bernd Eisenstein, Irongames, Germany 2019

Gunkimono: Double Army Tiles, Renegade Game Studio, USA, 2019

Piece o' Cake, New Games Order, Japan 2018

Pandoria, with Bernd Eisenstein, Irongames, Germany 2018

Rolnicy (Farmers), Nasza Księgarnia, Poland, 2018

Gunkimono, Renegade Game Studio, USA 2018

Jedzie pociąg z daleka (The Train Travels From Afar), Nasza Księgarnia, Poland, 2017

New York Slice, Bezier Games, USA 2017

Order of the Gilded Compass, with Bernd Eisenstein, Greyfox Games, USA 2016

Citrus: New Landscape Tiles, dlp games, Germany, 2015

Artifact, with Bernd Eisenstein, White Goblin Games, Netherlands 2013

Citrus, dlp games, Germany 2013, Tasty Minstrel Games, USA 2015

New Amsterdam, White Goblin Games Netherlands 2012, Pandasaurus Games USA 2013

Pala, Cambridge Games Factory, USA 2011

Wampum, Pegasus Spiele, Germany 2010

...aber bitte mit Sahne - das Jokerstück(expansion), Spielbox magazine, Germany 2009

Alea Iacta Est, with Bernd Eisenstein, alea/Ravensburger Germany, Rio Grande Games USA 2009

Eine Frage der Ähre (Heartland), Pegasus Spiele, Germany 2009

Piece o' Cake/...aber bitte mit Sahne/Une pointe de Chantilly/Sla je Slag (room), Winning Moves Germany, Rio Grande Games USA,  Oya France, PS-Games Netherlands, Swan Panasia China 2008

Circus Maximus, Pegasus Spiele, Germany 2008

Games for other clients (e.g. promotion games)

Street Basketball, Self-published dexterity game, 2011

War Game: A Prototype for Peace, Self-published "serious game", 2011

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