Silvano Sorrentino

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Family games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions
  • Communication and Party Games
  • Logic Puzzles

Games at game publishers

2023: Deckscape: Tokyo Blackout (published by dV Games)
2023: Decktective: Secrets in the Sand (published by dV Games)
2022: Not That Movie! (published by dV Games)
2022: Solo Vocali (published by Ludic/Headu)
2022: Decktective: You Can't Cheat Death (published by dV Games)
2022: Deckscape: in Wonderland (published by dV Games)
2022: Mixtery Puzzle - Catch The Thief (published by Clementoni)
2022: Mixtery Puzzle - Hacking Attack In London (published by Clementoni)
2022: Mixtery Puzzle - The Pirate's Treasure (published by Clementoni)
2021: The Game is Drawn: Word Games (published by Studio Supernova)
2021: 15 Giochi con Piero (in memory of Piero Cioni)
2021: Decktective: The Will without an Heir (published by dV Giochi)
2021: Deckscape: Dracula's Castle (published by dV Giochi)
2021: The Game is Drawn: Strategy (published by Studio Supernova)
2021: IQ Digits (published by Smart Games)
2021: Decktective: Nightmare in the Mirror (published by dV Giochi)
2021: Deckscape Crew vs Crew: Pirates' Island (published by dV Giochi)
2020: Decktective: The Gaze of the Ghost (published by dV Giochi)
2020: Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz (published by dV Giochi)
2019: Decktective: Bloody-Red Roses (published by dV Giochi)
2019: Deckscape: The Curse of the Sphinx (published by dV Giochi)
2019: Deckscape: Behind the Curtain (published by dV Giochi)
2018: Deckscape: The Mystery of Eldorado (published by dV Giochi)
2018: Deckscape: Heist in Venice (published by dV Giochi)
2017: Deckscape: The Fate of London (published by dV Giochi)
2017: Sherlook (published by KaleidosGames)
2017: Deckscape: Test Time (published by dV Giochi)
2015: QuizChef Junior (published by dV Giochi)
2015: QuizChef Vini (published by dV Giochi)
2014: Globetrotter (published by Joygames/Gamestore Banesto)
2013: QuizChef (published by dV Giochi)
2010: Adlungland (published by Adlung Spiele)
2004: Dancing Dice (published by daVinci Games)
2004: Ostrakon (published by daVinci Games)

Games for other clients (e.g. promotion games)

2012: Die, Robot, Die! (published in the centerfold of the German magazine "Spielbox")
2012: Zengine (published with the Japanese magazine "GameLink")

+ many different games and puzzles for Italian magazines (GiocAreA, Focus Junior, Brain Trainer, Corriere Enigmistica, Wired, Amico Logico, Focus, Enigmistica, Il Sole 24 Ore...), and websites (, GiocAreA OnLine...)

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