Arve D. Fühler

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Family games
  • Advanced player games
  • Abstract strategy games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions

Games at game publishers


7Seas (ABACUSSPIELE, 2022)

Glory Islands (Rio Grande Games, 2022)

Monasterium – Marktstand (dlp games, 2021)

Monasterium (dlp games, 2020)

Glen More II, Chronicle „The Penny Mobs“ (Funtails, 2019)

FESTO! (Games Brewer, 2018)

Kofferpacken Extrem (Pegasus Spiele, 2017)

TA-KE (HUCH!, 2017)

Skibe (HUCH!, 2016)

El Gaucho (Argentum, 2014–2018)

Pagoda (Pegasus Spiele, 2014–2017)

Scharfe Schoten (Zoch Verlag, 2014–2020)

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