liesbeth bos

Bos Product Design

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Children's games
  • Family games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions

My motto in game development

This might come across as blasphemy... I prefer fun over rules.

When I design games, all by myself or with my co designers, I try to use different materials, another way of thinking. 


A game should be fun, it should leave a footrpint on the table and get the players involved in a story you want them to get into. 

Games at game publishers

Black Stories Investigation (Moses, 2017)

The treasures of the seven seas (Step puzzle, 2017)

Jungle law (Step puzzle, 2016)

Secret Agents (Step Puzzle, 2016)

kissenstapelei (haba, 2016)

Wackelbett (Haba, 2016)

Gute Nacht (Haba, 2016) 

 Die Jagd nach dem verschollenen Schatz (Moses; co Autorin Anja Dreier Brückner 2016)

 Serowa Uczta (Trefl, 2016) 

De 7 Geitjes (999 games, 2015) 

Les Ratoureux (mj Games, 2015)

Mama Mu och Krakan (Martinex, 2015)

Gatenkaas (999 games, 2014)

Hokuspokus Krötenfuss (Haba, 2013) 

Acrobatissimo ((C) asmodee edition 2012/2013, ) 

Zirkus Stapelix (Kosmos, 2011)

Wollmilchsau (Zoch, 2011) 

Kissenschlacht (Amigo, 2010)

Funny Domino (Drei Magier, ) 

Larry Lasso (Selecta, )

Die Erbsenprinzessin (Haba, 2005) 

 Siegfried und der Drache (Jumbo, ) 

Capt'n clever (Zoch, 2003)

Various licensing games (Various (publishers)


Various educational games (various publishers, ) 

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