Fred Horn

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Abstract strategy games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions

Games at game publishers

Veröffentlichungen (Vollständig): CARDO (XIN DAO, 2008) STRIKE a.k.a Fenix (Myself, together with RENPAARDEN & FIANCO in 1 Box, 2005) TANGRAM-variaties (Article in Magazine "Natuurwetenschap & Techniek"(in Dutch), 2003) TANGRAM-variaties (Magazine CFF (in English), 2011) AGILIDADE (ORIGEM, 2004) "Three in a Row" = AGALIDADE (XIN DAO, 2007) RENPAARDEN (original name: JUMPIN' HORSES) (Book: 'Geen Wolf en 7 Geitjes', 1992) RENPAARDEN (Myself, together with STRIKE & FIANCO in 1 Box, 2005) GALAXY (Het Spel der Cijfers); a CardDeck designed for use by inventing NEW Games, like my TWHIST (Myself, with help from Peter Rijkhoff and Sjaak Griffioen, 2009) Maak een Vierkant (Myself (paper version), 1983) CITADELLA = 'Maak een Vierkant' (CLEMENS GERHARDS Spiel & Design, 2004) FIANCO; included in GAME COMPENDIUM(2008) (Book: 'Geen Wolf en Zeven Geitjes', 1992) FIANCO (Myself, together with STRIKE & RENPAARDEN, 2005) HEXTAN (Promotional Gift) = WinterGlow-tangram (ICI, 1988) WinterGlow-tangram = HEXTAN (NOVA CARTA, 2009) BOSS-MANAGEMENT GAME (Ministerie VROM (Rijksgebouwendienst), 1991) TWEELINGEN/ Twins a.k.a. GEMINI (Article in Magazine "Natuurwetenschap & Techniek", 2004) HAARLEMMERMEER SPELLENBOX (afd.Onderwijs; Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, 1994) Puzzle'95' used as ZOMERPUZZEL (Puzzle for the Summer) (Article in Magazine "Natuurwetenschap & Techniek", 2004) VNO-NCW-TANGRAM-'De MALIETOREN' (Dutch Employers Organisation VNO-NCW, 1997) DOUBLE DUTCH included in GAME-COMPENDIUM(2008) (XIN DAO, 2008) DE WIJNPROEF together with NOVA CARTA (NOVA CARTA, 2003) COLOR SUDOKU (NOVA CARTA, 2004) KUNST & KITCH a.k.a. MEMORIE MOMENTS (NOVA CARTA, 2005) MEMORIE MOMENTS (diverse titles every year) (NOVA CARTA from 2005 up to: ............., 2011) I-QUBE (Bernhard Schweitzer, 2005) LANGE JAN/ LANGER LULATSCH (NOVA CARTA, 2005) LangeJan (simplified version of LANGE JAN) (NOVA CARTA for Fruit.tella, 2010) ZIPHER (NOVA CARTA, 2007) CAN THE SARDINES a.k.a 'Haring in Blik' (Myself (paper version with licorice fishes as playing pieces), 2007) CAN THE SARDINES (American Magazine "KNUCKLEBONES", 2008) CAN THE SARDINES (DUCOSIM: Annex named 'Spellenkaart 1' to Dutch Magazine "SPEL!", 2010) KWINTIE (Five in a Row) (XIN DAO, 2007) CANON-HET SPEL (NOVA CARTA, 2007) XIN DAO - Tangram ( 4 Images, boat, lorry, airplane, house) (XIN DAO, 2007) XIN DAO - Tangram ( 1 Image, Christmas Tree) (XIN DAO, 2008) MAHTZEE (NOVA CARTA, 2008) SERPENTINE (together with Martin Samuel) (NOVA CARTA, 2008) GAME COMPENDIUM -50 in 1- ( design Boards, compilation Games) (XIN DAO, 2008) FIANCO; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) CONQUEST; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) ISOLATION; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) STENENJACHT; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) SLIMMERIK; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) SEQ; included in GAME COMPENDIUM (XIN DAO, 2008) HET ZESDE ZINTUIG (NOVA CARTA, 2009) KNOTZ! = 'Isolony' invented in 1981; 'Spellenkaart 3' used for promotion in Essen 2010 (DUCOSIM; SpieleClubÖsterreich; TreEmme, 2010) ALFABET-SPEL (Nova Carta, 2012) PARALELLO (Cemens Gerhards (Spiel & Design), 2013) DA CAPO -part of COPA- developed out of SLIMMERIK (Steffen Spiele, 2013) Elfen-City (ZVEZDA, 2013) TIP TOP -Christmas Card/ New Year2014 Game- (myself , via mail, 2013) KWINTY -part of BLOCKS- = KWINTIE (Five in a Row) without a Board. (Steffen Spiele, 2014) PIEKEN 'Spellenkaart 15' for magazine SPEL! same as TIP TOP (DUCOSIM, 2014) Kunst & Kitch HET SPEL Retail version (simplified) of the same game from 2005 but now in a Box. (Nova Carta, 2006) HET KERSTBOOMBALLEN-SPEL (myself, via mail, 2015) I-Qube, identical game as published by Bernhard Schweitzer in 2005 (ROMBOL Denkspiele, 2015) 

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