Michiel de Wit

Dommelstraat 1
6542SJ Nijmegen
Mobile : +31610693447
Website: https://gaminbiz.com
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Focus of my activities as game author

  • Family games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions

My motto in game development

To me, playing games is about playing together. I like games that are not only interesting to play, but also bring about playful interaction between the players. Even though there are some really good, complex games around, I personally prefer games with limited complexity, that are easy to learn, yet provide sufficient depth for them to remain interesting.

Games at game publishers

2020: Rollecate - HOT Games / Tranjis Games / Board Game Circus
2022: Loose Caboose! - Gamewright

Games for other clients (e.g. promotion games)

2018: Bloedstollend (co-authored)
2019: Rollecate (self-published)
2019: Rollecate: Broken Rails (self-published)
2021: Alien Getaway (self-published)
2021: Victory Tank (co-authored, self-published)

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