Arjan van Houwelingen

Arjan van Houwelingen (freelance)

Focus of my activities as game author

  • Children's games
  • Family games
  • Advanced player games
  • Developments for agencies, industry and institutions
  • Communication and Party Games

My motto in game development

I focus on accessible games that offer a social experience in a reasonable amount of time. 

Games at game publishers

GRUNN - Pioneers in the Province - Co-Published with 31 museums (2022)

Chaos at the Farm (Bende op de Boerderij) - MNKY Entertainment (2022)

Jungle Party - MNKY Entertainment (2022)

Tricky Dungeon - Pumpkin Games (2018)

Capo della Mafia - 999 Games (2017)

Games for other clients (e.g. promotion games)

A 'serious' game co-created with designer Robert Brouwer and the municipality of Groningen and their Childrens Council on the topic of poverty and segregation. GRUNN is a game that partially is a promotional game for 31 museums in the north of the Netherlands, besides being a full standalone entertainment family game.

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