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Managing Office

Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V. (SAZ)
Zasiusstr. 76
D-79102 Freiburg

Tel. +49 761 3630 1926 (Mo–Fr: 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr)
Fax +49 761 1562 0738

Payments to: Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V.
Postbank Hannover, 
IBAN: DE19250100300007994301 / BIC: PBNKDEFF
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Christian Beiersdorf

Managing Director: Christian Beiersdorf
Christian Beiersdorf is your contact for all topics of member administration as well as organizational, political topics and for the press. He also advises members on technical and contractual issues*). He represents SAZ both in the Initiative Intellectual Property Rights and in the Council for Socio-Culture and Cultural Education of the German Cultural Council.

He is a member of the expert committee Intellectual Property Rights in the German Cultural Council. In addition, he serves as the webmaster of the SAZ website. Christian Beiersdorf is working since over 30 years in the games industry, develops games and operates the agency Projekt Spiel in his main job.

*) We ask for your understanding that we can assist only members regarding contractual issues. This consulting service is based on the expertise gained by members but does not constitute legal counseling. If necessary, we give members the legal advice of our legal advisor in Germany or our contact lawyer in New York. Of course, we treat all inquiries with strict confidentiality.

Public Relations / Press

Journalists may contact our Managing Office. We will gladly add you to our email distribution list, answer your questions and put you in contact with game designers, e.g., those from your country or region, if you request an interview.

Executive Board

Marco Teubner

1st chairman: Marco Teubner
Marco Teubner has studied Cultural Sciences and is working as a full-time freelance game designer since 2002. He has published more than 50 children's and family games, and lives in Antdorf / Upper Bavaria with his family. It is his goal to strengthen the SAZ in its capacity to represent the interests of game designers. He regards publisher as the partners of game designers, pursuing the same goals when releasing great and innovative new games. In the interests of the designers he wants to shape a fair cooperation between the two.
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Hartmut Kommerell

2nd chairman: Hartmut Kommerell
Hartmut Kommerell develops games since the mid-90s. Besides children's and family games, the focus of his work is on tactical games for 2 players. He lives in Teltow, just outside Berlin. His main profession is working as a mathematician for a security technology company.
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Arve D. Fühler

Treasurer: Arve D. Fühler
Arve D. Fühler studied Communication Design in Wiesbaden and is working as an art and creative director in an advertising agency in Frankfurt. Having developed his first games back in the early 1990s, he decided only in 2012 to work again as a game designer. In addition to his function as treasurer, he intends to provide the association with fresh impetus and wants to further sharpen and professionalize the visibility and perception of SAZ.
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Advisory Council

Jeffrey Allers

Advisor: Jeffrey Allers
Jeffrey Allers studied Architecture and Journalism in Iowa, has lived in Berlin since 1994, and has worked as architect, youth pastor and director of a community center. In 2001 he discovered “German board games” and was immediately hooked. A group of published designers in Berlin inspired him to design his own games, and he has had nine games published since 2008, including „Aber bitte mit Sahne“ (Piece o'Cake) und „Nieuw Amsterdam“. Jeff enjoys teaching analog game design, organizing gaming events, writing for board game blogs.
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Daniel Danzer

Advisor: Daniel Danzer
Daniel Danzer is a theater director, screenwriter and media educator for film and video. Working as a game designer since 2007, he started a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013 for his game "Steam Noir: Revolution", which he later self-published. Since 2009 he has been involved in the SAZ, both as a member of the jury for the ALEX Media Prize and the coordinator of the Regional Group West in the Stuttgart area.
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Aaron Haag

Advisor: Aaron Haag
Aaron Haag lives in Munich and became a game designer in 2010. Previously, he worked in the telecommunications industry as a manager and consultant. He is a SAZ member since 2013. His first game was “Yunnan”, published by Argentum Verlag in 2013. He is taking care of the SAZ Facebook account and commits himself in the Regional Group Munich / Southern Bavaria.
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Advisor: Markus Hagenauer
Markus Hagelauer lives in the south Bavarian Surheim and published his first game in 2010. He is an architect in the main profession. He commits himself to the SAZ primarily around the development of the international presence and around the intensification of the cross border communication. One of his last publications has been the game "Wilde Meuterei" at Haba.
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Anna Oppolzer

Advisor: Anna Oppolzer
Anna Oppolzer is an art historian and lives in Heidelberg together with her husband Stefan Kloß. There, the two run a small office in the Cultural and Creative Industries Center DEZERNAT 16, working together on various projects, in particular on new game designs. She was nominated for the Game Designers Scholarship 2015 and is a laureate of the 1st German Game Designer Competition.
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Stefan Risthaus

Advisor: Stefan Risthaus
, LL.D.
Stefan Risthaus lives in Wolfsburg; he is a game designer since 2004 and a lawyer in his main profession, specializing in industrial and intellectual property rights. He is a member of the WG Contracts. His well-known game “Level X” was released in 2010 by Schmidt Spiele. One of his recent games is “Arkwright” published by Spielworxx. Other games by him have been published under the label Ostia Games.
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