Video documentary | Alex Randolph – Director of Games

As part of the Lucca Games&Comics Festival 2022, filmmaker Luca Bitonte and games expert Andrea Angiolino dedicated this documentary to games designer Alexander Randolph on the occasion of his 100th birthday. The film was shot at various locations in Italy, Alex Randolph's adopted home, but also in Germany and in the rooms of the German Games Archive in Nuremberg.

Alex Randolph has been "the inventor of the game author job", as he ironized when he was awarded 1992 the first Gradara Ludens award. Releasing more than 150 games in his life, he has been one of the first professional to make board game design a full time job. Through interviews to game authors, illustrators, publishers, experts that met and collaborated with Randolph, we trace his life from his infancy to his first creative debuts as a writer and in advertising, and then as a one of the most influential game designers ever. We see how games have always played a role in his life. We also explore his own vision of the game author, taking care not only of rules and game mechanics, but of every aspect of the player's experience - hence the title of the documentary, "Alex Randolph, Director of Games". In the movie we visit Venice with Randolph's houses and studios, and the little wood workshop where he spent many days designing pawns and gadgets for his games. And the German Games Archive in Nuremberg where we see his original prototypes and the famed Beer Coaster Pact, a symbol of the struggle by Randolph and his colleagues for game authors' acknowledgement and recognition. Overall it is a unique insight on Randolph's views on playing and life, on his tecniques and on his legacy and influence on today's gaming scene.

Link to the video with English subtitles on the website of the German Games Archive in Nuremberg | 1:22:42

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