Unlicensed version of TwixT planned

Recently, a campaign was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for a new edition of Alex Randolph's classic TwixT, which has since been cancelled after repeated criticism on the platform. However, the initiator Wayne Dolezal of Lil' Cerebral Games still wants to publish the game in the USA. He has not entered into a license agreement with Alex Randolph's heir, but refers to a loophole in US law under which registrations under the American Copyright Act registered before 1974 may lapse after a certain period of time. In addition, last year he had a new US trademark for TwixT and a European trademark registered in his name because old trademark rights had also lapsed. On BoardGameGeek there has been an intense discussion about this since last year, starting with Wayne Dolezal of Lil' Cerebral Games boasting about having discovered this loophole.

In our opinion, however, the newly registered trademark protection for Twixt in no way invalidates the author's copyright (intellectual property right) since Alex Randolph developed the game TwixT in 1957 at his former place of residence in Vienna and the game thus has the protection of Austrian copyright law.

The SAZ considers the actions of Lil' Cerebral Games not only to be immoral but assumes that the planned publication is contrary to the principles of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in all countries that have signed it – including all of North and South America, Australia, Russia, China and Europe with the exception of the Vatican.

The SAZ strongly condemns the actions of Lil' Cerebral Games and supports its member Michael Katz (Alex Randolph's nephew and heir) in the enforcement of his rights.

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