The SAZ expands its international services

The Game Designer Association (Spiele-Autoren-Zunft; SAZ) has expanded its services for members from non-German-speaking countries and for others who are interested. The website of the SAZ, which has been completely available in German and English for several years, has been expanded: The pages that provide extensive information about the SAZ are now online in French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish as well.

In addition, the legal advice service has been developed further. The SAZ has already had a legal adviser in Germany for one year who has been able to provide knowledgeable advice in problematic cases. Now, the SAZ has also entered into an agreement with a New York lawyer who will especially deal with problems regarding American contract and copyright law. Both lawyers are established experts in copyright law. For members, the initial consultation is free. With this, the SAZ wants to provide an even better service to its members and expand its international presence.

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