Success: Reiner Knizia and Karsten Adlung reach a settlement

Exactly one year ago we reported about a legal dispute between the game author Reiner Knizia and the publisher Karsten Adlung. The subject matter was the game NEXTPRESS, for which Karsten Adlung was also responsible as author and referred explicitly to EXPRESS by Reiner Knizia. NEXTPRESS had considerable similarities with the game EXPRESS by Reiner Knizia, which was previously in the program at Adlung and whose contract for the rights of use had expired. This resulted in accusations of copyright infringement and competition law.

After a lengthy legal dispute, both parties have now agreed that Adlung will stop selling NEXTPRESS as of August 31, 2018, refrain from any further use and transfer the EXPRESS trademark registered by Adlung to Knizia. Reiner Knizia therefore considers his rights to be respected and the matter settled. The Executive Board of SAZ, which its member Reiner Knizia has intensively supported in this matter, welcomes this agreement.

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