SAZ Italia: IDEAG 2023 was a success!

IDEAG celebrated with great success the 18th national meeting organized by SAZ Italia that took place on 1st and 2nd April in Parma. The 75 tables were intensively used by the more than 160 registered authors, the 22 publishers present and the more than 90 playtesters who took part in the two-day event testing the 349 prototypes registered for the main playtest event aimed at all game designers!

The event was particularly intense. The playtests started quickly after SAZ Italy members had set up the rooms and the reception. More than 1/3 of the registered authors registered directly on Friday afternoon, and the first playtests started shortly after 4pm and continued almost uninterruptedly until 7pm on Sunday, leaving the participants a few hours of sleep.

On Friday evening, the traditional dinner of SAZ Italy members and friends took place, with over 45 people attending. The IDEAG also organized a game dinner with over 100 members on Saturday evening, which ended with a live extemporary game contest presentation of 11 game 'prototypes'.

On Saturday and Sunday, the four panels organized by SAZ Italia took place (* SAZ Italy members):

  1. "Publishers don't (usually) eat you. A guide to a healthy relationship between author and publisher" with Flaminia Brasini*, Carlo E. Lanzavecchia* and Carlo A. Rossi*. Moderated by Daniele Molinari*.
  2. "Writing... a game. The narrative experience between board games and role-playing games" with Helios Pu, Matteo Casali* and Mauro Longo*. Moderated by Luca Raina.
  3. "Stuff for the Unscrupulous. Guide to the technical aspects and clauses of editions contracts" with Fabio Lopiano*, Simone Luciani* and Giacomo Sottocasa*. Moderated by Andrea Mezzotero*.
  4. "Nobody excluded. Accessibility and inclusiveness in board game design" with Luca Errani and Andrea Tinterri*. Moderator: Alessandro Rizzi*.

The panels are available on the SAZ Italia youtube channel.

However, IDEAG's activity does not end with the national event, there are more than 20 local meetings that will take place during 2023 with 10-30 tables available. You can stay informed of all events by registering for IDEAG's official newsletter.

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