Open letter from the Illustrators Organization to Pegasus | UPDATE


Pegasus Games has responded to the criticism of the Illustration Organization (IO) with a reply letter (PDF) which we are glad to publish here. In the course of further clarifying discussions at least the German tender texts were adapted in such a way that special designs are no longer explicitly requested. For not changing the English tender texts we received the perplexing information that the IO only represents the German-speaking illustrators. The application deadline has now been extended to 14 October.

Open letter from the Illustrators Organization to Pegasus

The Illustrators Organization (IO) in Germany has sent an open letter to Pegasus Spiele about the announced "Pegasus Illustrator Day". In this letter the request for free services is criticized. The Game Designer Association (SAZ) considers this criticism to be justified, but we also know the practice of some game publishers of requesting drafts for given game projects from game designers without first making appropriate fee agreements for this service. In contrast, the "Pegasus Designer Days" are to be welcomed, where game authors can present their new prototypes to the publisher in video meetings.

Link to the German version with the full letter

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