Karla Kuchenfee (Moo's Code) by Anja Wrede was plagiarized

Plagiarism seems to be booming. Anja Wrede reported on BoardGameGeek about a Chinese plagiarism of her game "Karla Kuchenfee", which was first published in 2010 by her own publishing house Edition Siebenschläfer. Further editions followed in 2012, among others with Asmodee. Since several years, the Hong Kong publisher Jolly Thinkers has the game in its program under the title "Moo's Code". Licensed editions are currently also available in China, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Now a plagiarism by the Chinese company Big Bear and Bee has been discovered under the title "Sandwich Recipe". It's hard to take action against such plagiarism - especially in China, but the global gaming community can help to pillory it and make life difficult for the plagiarists.

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