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In its press release from October 9th, 2012, the SAZ had criticized a lack of fair play in the context of the proposed contracts of various publishers. As one of the leading companies in the game industry, the Ravensburger Spieleverlag was mentioned in particular. The company took this to be unfair; first, they think there are good reasons for the changes of their contracts, and second, they consider that the discussion that took place in Ravensburg in early September on this subject was not fully appreciated. Since both the publisher and the SAZ are very interested in keeping up the constructive communication over contractual standards, the SAZ regrets that the press release from October 9th might have given rise to the impression that the Ravensburger Spieleverlag would no longer be interested in a trusting collaboration with game designers. The dialog between the SAZ and the Ravensburger Spieleverlag will continue after the game fair in Essen.

October 12th, 2012 / Executive Board of the Game Designer Association (SAZ)

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