Zenobia Award

Historical board games are enjoyed by people from all walks of life, but their designers are predominately white men. The Zenobia Award hopes to change this by encouraging game submissions by people from disadvantaged social groups.

Contestants must belong to an underrepresented group, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. A design team prominently including members of these groups also may enter.

There are two chief criteria.

  • First, the design should be a boardgame or other tabletop game that does not rely on role-play or a referee and can be played in under two hours. 
  • Second, the game must attempt to tackle some historical subject—political, social, cultural, scientific, economic, military, or other.

The judging panel will select finalists and three winners who will receive cash prizes — $4,000 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place.

All further information on the website of Zenobia Award | Deadline for submission is January 15th, 2021

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