TTGDA launches - Representation of interests for game authors now also in North America

In North America, some game authors are preparing to found the TABLE TOP GAME DESIGNER ASSOCIATION (TTGDA). The launch is planned for the 1st quarter of 2024. We are pleased that some game authors – including members of SAZ – have now taken this initiative to to build a strong national lobby in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The initiators are Geoff Engelstein, Sen-Foong Lim and Elizabeth Hargrave. There is also a list of 22 supporters of this initiative on the TTGDA website, including Richard Garfield, Matt Leacock and the former SAZ chairman Alan R. Moon. The SAZ Board has supported this initiative in recent months and will continue to provide the TTGDA with advice and support in the future. An independent organisation in North America will help to represent game authors and their interests there better and more specifically. This is also a good and important step in view of a different legal system with regard to intellectual property rights resp. copyright laws.

As the games industry and its publishers become increasingly globalized, the Game Designers Association (SAZ) with its regional groups in Italy and the Netherlands, the Société des Auteurs de Jeux (SAJ) in France and the Table Top Game Designers Association (TTGDA) in North America now form a serious counterweight. In the future, we are striving for a close exchange and the creation of international structures and hope to establish further organizations in other regions in order to further strengthen the position of game authors worldwide.

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