Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg: Game authors and illustrators ask online shops to indicate their names

At this year's Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, the SAZ and the IO appeared for the first time as partners with the Spielwarenmesse in the GamesCafé and informed about their organisations and their interests in the toy industry. The focus was on the often missing mention of authors in the online trade:

We are the originators of games!

Game authors – the creators of the rules, the developers, the composers, the creative minds behind the games.

Illustrators – the creators of the design and of the images, they create individual characters and visualize the theme.

  • Hello Amazon, myToys, Spiele Max, further online dealers and publishers:
    Games also have authors and illustrators – so please name them!
  • Hello German Bundestag:
    Games are cultural property, just like books – therefore, 7% sales tax for games, and inclusion in the collection catalogue of the German National Library!
  • Hello publishers:
    Game authors and illustrators are your partners – without them, your fair booths would be pretty empty. Therefore, we demand appropriate remuneration and fair contracts from all publishers!

The Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V. (SAZ) represents the interests of game authors/designers: a strong international community with many benefits for its members. More information and contact to game authors here at the GamesCafé.

The Illustratoren Organisation e.V. (IO) is the professional association of German-speaking illustrators and represents their artistic, political and economic interests. More information and contact to illustrators here at the GamesCafé.

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