SAZ asked German parties before the Bundestag election

At the gamescom 2017 in Cologne, the representatives of five parties expressed their support for the promotion of the digital game culture. We now confronted CDU, SPD, DIE LINKE, B'90/DIE GRÜNEN and FDP with our demands for the promotion of the analogous game culture.

1. The inclusion of analog games in the collection catalog of the German National Library.
CDU and Die LINKE (Left) have clearly affirmed this positively. SPD, B'90/DIE GRÜNEN and FDP support this as well – but under various examinations before.

2. VAT-based equality with books, cinema, music, theater and other cultural goods.
This demand supports only DIE LINKE (Left) unilaterally. The CDU rejects it. B'90/DIE GRÜNEN, SPD as well as the FDP have an understanding for the demand and want to examine possible implementation under various reservations.

The largely positive responses show that in the coming years, we have a good conversation with the parties and the government.

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