Premio Archimede 2020 > 2021

The competition PREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2020 is announced by studiogiochi in Venice and it concerns the creation of new, original boardgames. In the past, it has helped more than 40 authors in making the dream of having their game published comes true. Participation is open to singles or groups, with no age or residence restrictions.

To take part, it is required to fill and send the Registration Form, enclosing a €35 payment receipt for registration fees. The complete prototype of the game can be either included or shipped separately – in any case postmarked no later than May 31, 2020.


Considering the coronavirus health emergency, many authors are having issues in making the necessary tests for refining their games, while still respecting the deadlines of the competition. The jury itself is naturally experiencing difficulties in playing the games we already started to receive.
For these reasons, we decided to reopen the terms of the competition:

  • The deadline for sending us the prototypes is extended to the
    31st of October, 2020
  • The final ceremony is postponed to a future date in 2021, which is yet to be defined

To whom already has their prototypes ready: please send us the game as soon as possible anyway; this would make the preliminary jury’s job much easier.
To whom already sent us their prototypes, but still wants to make some upgrades: you can do that freely within the new deadline, but please let us know by sending us an e-mail beforehand.

Link to the PDF with all details and the registration form.

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