New SAZ board elected

At its general assembly in Göttingen on June 2nd, the SAZ elected a new board: Hartmut Kommerell was again confirmed as chairman for the next two years. Markus Hagenauer also ran again and was re-elected as Vice Chairman. Katrin Abfalter left the board and did not run again. Newly elected to the board was the game designer Rita Modl.

In the statement of accounts, the board looked back on the two past years:

  • The online services SAZ Academy and Topic Talk for the exchange of experience were further expanded and were well received.
  • International cooperation was advanced. SAZ Italia achieved strong growth and the establishment of further national groups is being planned. Besides the already regular exchange with SAJ (France), first talks with LUDO (Spain) to establish a cooperation took place.
  • Göttingen was also the meeting point for authors and publishers this year and the German Young Game Author Scholarship was awarded again.
  • Several cases of plagiarism were detected, on which the SAZ took a stand.
  • The topic of artificial intelligence also received attention and the development will continue to be monitored.
  • The SAZ is in close contact with the political committees on the topic of "games in the collection catalog of the German National Library"; the parliamentary procedure is expected to be completed in the fall of this year.
  • The initiative to promote analog game culture by Spieleverlage e.V. is welcomed and supported by the SAZ.


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