Jury Game of the Year: The nominated and recomandated games 2011

The Jury Spiel des Jahres has published the results of their first decisions this year. They nominated three games each for the following awards: Game of the Year, Children's Game of the Year and for the new Expert Award of the Year. Furthermore they published recommandation lists for family and children's games.

All details you find on the website of the Jury

the SAZ congratulates all game designers and is particularly proud that 20 of their members with 23 games are the lucky on these lists: Gunter Baars, Christine Basler, Lisbeth Boos, Alix-Kis Bougerra, Inka und Markus Brand, Matthas Cramer, Thomas Daum, Stefan Feld (3x), Hirsten Hiese, Michael Kiesling, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer (2x), Violetta Leitner, Lauge Luchau, Andrea meyer, Michael Schacht, Jens-Peter-Schliemann, Hans-Peter Stoll, Bernhard Weber, Anja Wrede.

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