International group of game designers released a Code of Respect and Responsibility

Initiated by SAZ, an international group of game designers with members of Spiele-Autoren-Zunft (SAZ), members of Société des Auteurs de Jeux (SAJ) as well as of not organized game designers, have created a Code of Respect and Responsibility during the last months.

From several critical discussions in the past, we feel the need, to take more responsibility for our games. This Code is a declaration of intent to the best of our knowledge and belief, intended to lead to more reflective action. There are issues of respectful and careful handling of themes and content in analogue games. In our opinion, the game industry also lacks diversity. Many people don‘t see themselves represented in games or at game events. Representation can lead to participation, and the game industry as a whole would greatly benefit from that.

The Code was published today on the website of SAZ in several languages and an international initial signatory list with 75 signatures. All those who also wish to sign this Code can now register online there.

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