International Gamers Award 2011: Winners and Nominees

The jury of the IGA has chosen 7 Wonders and A Few Acres of Snow for the International Gamers Award 2011. The following games have been nominated for this award.

Kategorie "General Strategy - Multi-Player":
7 Wonders
by Antoine Bauza – published by Repos

Airlines Europe by Alan R. Moon - published by Abacusspiele
Asara by Wolfgang Kramer - published by Ravensburger
Die Burgen von Burgund by Stefan Feld - published by Alea/Ravensburger
Dominant Species by Chad Jensen - published by GMT Games
Inca Empire by Alan Ernstein - published by White Goblin Games
K2 by Adam Kaluza published by Rebel
London by Martin Wallace - published by Treefrog
Navegador by Mac Gerdts - published by PD-Verlag
Troyes by Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, Alain Orban - published by Pearl Games
Vinhos by Vital Lacerda - published by What's Your Game?

Kategorie "General Strategy - 2-Player":
A Few Acres of Snow
by Martin Wallace - published by Treefrog

Battles of Westeros by Robert A. Kouba - published by Fantasy Flight Games
Earth Reborn by Christophe Boelinger, - published by Ludically
Famiglia by Friedemann Friese - published by 2F-Spiele
What's My Word? by Joli Quenten Kansil - published by Gryphon Games

We congratulate all game designers - particularly our members A. Bauza, S. Feld,
F. Friese, W. Kramer, V. Lacerda and A.R. Moon.

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