Hollywood REPORTER | German Court Increases Compensation for Cameraman of 'Das Boot'

The so-called "bestseller paragraph" of the German Copyright Act (§ 32a UrhG) provides for the subsequent participation of an author if the original remuneration is in a noticeable disproportion to the income. On the basis of this law, the cameraman has now been awarded appropriate remuneration plus interest and a share in future uses by the Munich Higher Regional Court after a long legal fight.

In the case of original lump-sum payments of German publishers in particular, it may be worthwhile first of all to demand turnover figures in accordance with § 32d of the German Copyright Act (UrhG) in order to ascertain whether an appropriate remuneration is paid or not.

Link to the article by Scott Roxborough on the Website of The Hollywood REPORTER on 12/22/2017

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