General Assembly of the SAZ: Trend-setting decisions

The General Assembly of the Games Designer Association (SAZ) on June 01, 2012 in Göttingen adopted trend-setting decisions following a dedicated discussion:

1. A "11-Point List of Minimum Standards in Agreements between Game Publishers and Game Designers." This paper provides the basis for future talks with the “Fachgruppe Spiel”, part of the German Toy Association, and other publishers in the gaming industry at home and abroad.

2. A resolution entitled "Five Points to the Copyright Debate", makes clear the position of the SAZ in the current debate on a reform of copyright law in Germany.

Addendum: This resolution - in particular point 1 - has fueled discussions. It is true that the SAZ does not require shorter periods of protection, but only open to discuss this point.

3. The awarding of a SAZ Publisher Prize, for publisher who present or involve authors in their communication in an exemplary manner. Target is to move the game designers as creative minds behind the games more in the public eye. This prize will be awarded for the first time in Essen during the SPIEL '12.

4. The application for associate membership in the "Institute for Copyright and Media Law" in Munich in order to obtain the special interests of the game authors under copyright law experts and the public with a stronger voice.

5. Working with an attorney as a legal adviser to the SAZ. This will provide the members of the SAZ as needed even more professional support in contractual matters and advise the SAZ on fundamental issues around copyright and contract law.

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