Gamers Alliance | A tribute to Sid Sackson

In this special tribute issue, we honor the person who is the greatest American game designer in terms of both quantity AND quality – a combination impossible to beat: Sid Sackson. The World of Games has lost a true titan. Judging from the reactions around the globe, gamers around the world know this all too well and he is greatly missed.

In this issue, we offer a retrospective of some of the exclusive “Sid Sackson Says” columns that highlighted GA REPORT issues in the 1990s. Plus reprints of contemporary GA REPORT reviews of Sackson games as well as a comprehensive list, compiled by Nick Sauer, of Sackson creations, Sid’s lasting legacy to the world. And, of course, a section devoted to thoughts on the passing of the great Sid Sackson. Finally, special thanks to everyone who contributed to make this special issue truly special.

Link to the online publication of February 04, 2020

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