Election check point of SAZ for the European elections

In Germany, the Game Designers Association (SAZ) has asked the Germany parties CDU/CSU, SPD, B'90/DIE GRÜNEN, FDP and DIE LINKE to comment on the demand to tax ALL cultural assets and artistic services uniformly at the reduced VAT rate. Most of the responses we received were positive – only the Green Party rejeced it.

The wording of our demand:

We demand from the European Parliament that the member states be granted the option to tax ALL cultural products and artistic services uniformly at a reduced VAT rate – analogous to books and e-books as well as tickets for theatre, film and music performances. This should include, for example, phonograms and games – regardless of whether they are physical or digital products.

Justification: The uncontrolled growth in the VAT rate for cultural products and artistic services must be eliminated in the interests of facilitating access to culture for all sections of the population. Culture is bread for the head and the soul!

All detailed answers of the parties you find here (in German).

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