Deutscher Spielepreis (German Games Award) 2011: The Winners

Winner of the Deutschen SpielePreises (German Games Award) 2011 is the game
7 WONDERS by Antoine Bauza (Repos Production)

On the next places of the top ten list follow :

2.   DIE BURGEN VON BURGUND by Stefan Feld (alea/Ravensburger)

3.   TROYES by Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges and Alain Orban (Pearl Games)

4.   NAVEGADOR by Walther M. Gerdts (PD-Verlag)

5.   ASARA by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling (Ravensburger)

6.   MONDO by Michael Schacht (Pegasus Spiele)

7.   PANTHEON by Michael Tummelhofer (Hans im Glück Verlag)

8.   LANCASTER by Matthias Cramer (Queen Games)

9.   LUNA by Stefan Feld (Hall Games)

10. STRASBOURG by Stefan Feld (Pegasus Spiele)

Winner of the Deutschen KinderspielePreises (German Children's Games Award) 2011 is

MONSTER-FALLE by Inka and Markus Brand (Kosmos)

Winner of the Goldene Feder  (Golden Feather) 2011 for the game with the exemplary instructions is

EXPEDITION SUMATRA by Britta Stöckmann and Jens Jahnke (Igramoon Spieleverlag)

The SAZ congratulates all game designers, particularly our members Inka and Markus Brand, Matthias Cramer, Stefan Feld, Jens Jahnke, Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Schacht, Britta Stöckmann and Michael Tummelhofer.

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