Cultural associations: Yes to the modernisation of EU copyright law! – update

More than 70 German associations of the cultural and creative economy – including the Game Designers Association (SAZ) – are appealing to MEPs to support the Legal Committee's recommendations for resolutions on the planned EU Copyright Directive. Targeted disinformation campaigns in the interest of globally operating Internet companies now fundamentally endanger the results achieved so far. This must be stopped.

This draft law is a compromise of very good and important content on intellectual property right and the appropriate remuneration of authors at EU level, as well as passages that are quite critical. But the much quoted and rightly problematic upload filters are not included. It is correct that online platforms are taken into the responsibility for the uploaded contents for the first time. What method this can take is still completely open. The German Initiative Urheberrecht proposes to pay royalties to collecting societies – as already happened between GEMA and YouTube – which will then be distributed to the authors. The protection pf press publications must also be viewed critically, although this is the first time that remuneration has been set for journalists who have so far received nothing. Despite all criticism: The positive elements outweigh the negative! That is why as well the authors' associations of scriptwriters, writers, journalists, illustrators, musicians and composers, for example, have joined the appeal.

Link to the appeal (English version below the German text)

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