Becoming capable of democracy through board games

Much has been written about the diverse ways in which analog games promote cognitive and social skills. One aspect has so far been neglected and is currently highly topical: the promotion of an understanding of democratic principles and their application. An article by Christian Beiersdorf, Daniel Bernsen and Lukas Boch in the current issue of the German Cultural Council's newspaper Politik & Kultur goes into this in detail. Analog gaming culture can and does far more than is generally given it credit for. In view of the threat to our democracy, it is time to recognize and exploit this potential. At the same time, we hope that more game authors and game publishers will also turn their attention to current social issues in the future.

Link to page 4 of Politik & Kultur 02/2024 (PDF of the original German page) – courtesy of the German Cultural Council

Link to the English translation (PDF)

The online magazine of the Spielwarenmesse Spirit of Play also took up the topic in the article "Playfully practicing democracy" by Peter Budig.

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