Luca Borsa

Born in 1962, engineer, free-lance game designer; his first game was "Verbindung Gesucht" - Ravensburger 2007 and then, with his friends Luca Bellini, he has published more than 30 board games for children and families, published with Italian and international publishers. Moreover, he has held game design courses at the Milan Polytechnic, Turin Polytechnic, the Brera Academy and various high schools. Further fields of activity are the training for educators, teachers, and companies through games, as well as Gamification and also promotional games for companies with Walter Obert e C.E. Lanzavecchia.

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Arjan van Houwelingen

As the founder in 2015 of the Spellenmaakgilde, Arjan van Houwelingen, will be the spokesperson of the Dutch SAZ chapter. However, there are many designers that are now actively contributing in coordinating and organizing events in the Netherlands. Including regular playtesting events, weekend retreats, pitching conventions, game jams and award design awards.

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Wolfgang Warsch

Born in St. Pantaleon, Austria, Wolfgang Warsch studied genetics and microbiology and worked in cancer research in Vienna and Cambridge. Since 2018, when three of his games were nominated for both the Kennerspiel and Spiel des Jahres awards, the proud father of two has been a full-time game designer.

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