Nederlandse Spellenprijs for Friedemann Friese

2010-10-11 15:48

The Netherlands felt their decision. The Nederlandse Spellenprijs Award goes to Hoogspanning (Factory Manager) by Friedemann Friese. And here is the complete list:

  1. Hoogspanning (Factory Manger) by Friedemann Friese - published by 999 Games

  2. Vasco da Gama by Paolo Mori - published by 999 Games

  3. Tobago by Bruce Allen - published by The Game Master

  4. Stoom (Steam) by Martin Wallace - published by Phalanx Games

  5. Brass by Martin Wallace - published by White Goblin Games

  6. Roll through the Ages (Im Wandel der Zeiten) by Matt Leacock - published by QWG Games

  7. Dixit by Jean-Louis Roubira - published by Libellud

  8. Fresco by Marcel Süßelbeck, Marco Ruskowski und Wolfgang Panning - published by Queen Games

We congratulate all game designers and particularly our members Friedemann Friese, Paolo Mori, Bruce Allen, Marcel Süßelbeck, Marco Ruskowski and Wolfgang Panning. Further infromation you find on the website of the organizers.

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